HS2 Liaison Committee Meeting (19 Aug 2014)

Read my report on my latest meeting with the HS2 Liaison Committee here.

Download (, 0kb)

Chipping Warden Bypass (11 Aug 2014)

I have responded to Northamptonshire County Council's consultation on a bypass for Chipping Warden. My response can be read by following the link.

Download (pdf, 204kb)

HS2 Petitioning Update (07 May 2014)

A further update on petitioning can be read here.

Download (, 0kb)

HS2 Update (02 May 2014)

My latest HS2 update including information on petitioning can be read here.

Download (, 0kb)

HS2 Meeting With Sir David Higgins (27 Mar 2014)

Yesterday I attended a meeting with the new Chairman of HS2 Ltd. Sir David Higgins. You can read my report of the meeting here.

Download (, 0kb)

HS2 Meeting With The Parliamentary Ombudsman (10 Mar 2014)

Last week I chaired a meeting with the Parliamentary and Health Service Ombudsman, you can read me report of the meeting here.

Download (, 0kb)

HS2 Environmental Statement Consultation Response (03 Mar 2014)

On Thursday 27 February the extended Environmental Statement consultation finally closed. The Government will now review the responses and publish their response. Second Reading of the Bill cannot take place before the Government has published its response to the consultation. I will do my best to keep you informed of developments and a future timetable of events.

Download (pdf, 6281kb)

Consultation Deadline Extended Again! (23 Jan 2014)

The deadline for responding to the Environmental Statement consultation is now Thursday 27 February. Click here for more details.

Download (, 0kb)

Consultation Deadline Extended (16 Jan 2014)

Read the latest news regarding the extension to the deadline for responding to the Environmental Statement consultation here.

Download (, 0kb)

HS2 Property Compensation Consultation Response (06 Dec 2013)

The HS2 Property Compensation Consultation closed on Wednesday and I wanted to share with you my submission.

The HS2 Hybrid Bill was presented to Parliament on Monday 25 November 2013 and the Bill and all documents relating to the Bill have now been made public. Second Reading of the HS2 Hybrid Bill will take place in Parliament next year. We cannot be sure of the exact time but it is unlikely to be before the end of March 2014. Petitioning Parliament will be the next step that many affected by HS2 will be considering and will have questions regarding. I want to try and give you as much information regarding petitioning as possible. I will write to constituents affected and put all information on my website.

A consultation on the Environmental Statement has now begun and will run until the 24 January 2014. You can find out more about the Environmental Statement at the following link - www.gov.uk/government/consultations/hs2-phase-one-environmental-statement.

You can respond to the consultation by:

  • Completing the response form found at the link above;
  • Email: HS2PhaseOneBillES@dialoguebydesign.com or;
  • Write: FREEPOST RTEC AJUT GGHH, HS2 Phase One Bill Environmental Statement, PO Box 70178, London WC1A 9HS.

The Government response to the Environmental Statement consultation must be published BEFORE Second Reading of the Hybrid Bill takes place.

With best wishes


Download (pdf, 1244kb)

Hybrid Bill Petitioning Kit (27 Nov 2013)

A petitioning kit published by the House of Commons can be read here.

Download (doc, 199kb)

Q&A From HS2 Ltd. (27 Nov 2013)

A Question and Answer brief on the Hybrid from HS2 Ltd can be read here.

Download (pdf, 390kb)

Letter From Alison Munro (27 Nov 2013)

The latest letter from Alison Munro regarding publication of the Hybrid Bill can be read here.

Download (pdf, 574kb)

HS2 Latest News (05 Nov 2013)

You can read the latest HS2 news including a report of Third Reading of the HS2 (Preparation) Bill by clicking here.

Download (, 0kb)

Property Compensation Consultation (13 Sep 2013)

The Government has launched a new period of public consultation on long-term property compensation measures for Phase One of HS2.

I would encourage as many of you as possible to respond to the consultation to make your views known. The consultation will run until 4 December 2013.

Further details can be found at https://www.gov.uk/government/consultations/hs2-property-compensation-consultation-2013

Download (pdf, 442kb)

HS2 Newsletter (03 Sep 2013)

My latest HS2 update is available for you to read here.

Download (, 0kb)

Response To The Draft Environmental Statement Consultation (12 Jul 2013)

Yesterday, the consultation on the Draft Environmental Statement closed. I have responded to the consultation and you can read my response by clicking on the link. If there are any specific issues you would like me to address, I am happy to do this seperately, therefore, do let me know!

Download (pdf, 1959kb)

HS2 Paving Bill (27 Jun 2013)

Yesterday I spoke in the Second Reading of the High Speed Rail (Preparation) Bill, also known as the Paving Bill. You can read my report and my contribution to the debate by clicking here

Download (, 0kb)

HS2 Update (18 Jun 2013)

I am writing to provide you with a thorough update on my work as your representative with regard to the HS2 project in the run up to the 'Paving Bill' that comes before Parliament in a week's time.

The Government is showing no signs of reconsidering the commitment to HS2, and I also understand the Opposition is fully behind this project. Personally, as you know, I remain very concerned that this is not a good project for the taxpayer, and is devastating for our beautiful countryside.

I remain optimistic that the Hybrid Bill process will enable a rethink of the route, as well as of the project itself, but I also think it is important to be realistic. Whilst I oppose HS2, if this project is to go ahead, I am determined to achieve fair compensation and good mitigation for my constituents.

I wanted to share with you what I have been able to do so far in Parliament and the Constituency as the campaign against HS2 has progressed. I hope that this will give you confidence that your views are being put forward at every possible opportunity - and I am doing all I can to defend your property and environment:

In Parliament:

  • I have set up the 'HS2 Compensation and Mitigation Forum' following the announcement to proceed with HS2 in 2012. The group was established for affected MPs from up and down the line to meet to discuss constituency issues of compensation, mitigation as well as the project in general. Since the group was founded we have met with HS2 Ltd. officials, including Alison Munro, Chief Executive of HS2 Ltd. on a number of occasions. We have also met with the former Secretary of State, Justine Greening, representatives of the Campaign to Protect Rural England, land agents, 51M, HS2 Action Alliance and representatives of many other action groups.
  • In February I met with the Prime Minister (I also met with him with Justine Greening when she was the Secretary of State) to discuss fair and comprehensive compensation arrangements and in particular, a property bond.
  • Before Christmas I met with Simon Burns, the Rail Minister and in April this year I had a productive meeting with the new Secretary of State, Patrick McLoughlin. In both meetings I stressed how important good compensation was and made clear that I support a property bond which would give confidence to the housing market.
  • I have responded on behalf of my constituents to all consultations which the Department for Transport have held: on the general principle of HS2, on property and compensation and also on safeguarding. I have also responded to the HS2 Phase Two consultation and next month I will have submitted my response to the Draft Environmental Statement consultation.
  • I have taken the opportunity to raise HS2 in the House of Commons Chamber whenever possible. I led a full debate on the principle of HS2 during the original consultation, I have raised the issue at Transport Questions and most recently I spoke in the Queen's Speech debate again raising my objections to HS2 and calling for good compensation and mitigation.
  • I have continued to table Written Parliamentary Questions asking a variety of questions of the Department for Transport on all aspects of HS2.

In the Constituency:

  • My aim is always to keep you up to date on HS2 related matters as much as I can. When the HS2 Roadshows were taking place in the constituency I attended each one at Greatworth, Upper Boddington, Chipping Warden and Brackley to support those affected in their discussions with HS2.
  • I have arranged several public meetings in the constituency, in Greatworth, Brackley and Boddington.
  • I have taken part in several of the Community Forums in our area, as well as the roadshow at Brackley to discuss the Draft Environmental Statement consultation.
  • I have arranged various meetings with HS2 Ltd. officials and individual parish representatives to discuss specific issues. So far I have held meetings between HS2 Ltd. and the communities of Greatworth, Boddington, Brackley, Culworth and Thorpe Mandeville.
  • Over the last three years I have sent hundreds of letters to the Department for Transport raising the individual concerns of constituents and I continue to do so. As well as the general concerns residents have about the project I have represented a number of families applying to the Exceptional Hardship Scheme who have had an urgent need to sell but who have become trapped by HS2.

Going forward:

  • The negotiations for good compensation for those affected and for better mitigation for individual areas continues.
  • On Wednesday 26 June the High Speed Rail (Preparation) Bill, also known as the Paving Bill, will come before Parliament.
  • The HS2 Hybrid Bill was also included in the Queen's Speech this year and is scheduled to come before Parliament by the end of this year.
  • There will be more consultations to respond to and I will be doing so.
  • I will be holding public meetings as and when necessary and will continue to try and attend those organised by HS2 Ltd.
  • I continue to encourage communities and individual families to write to me and the Department for Transport to raise your concerns and individual issues you may have relating to this project.

I want to now comment on two particular issues which I know are important to constituents – a property bond and the Paving Bill.

My view is that a property bond would restore confidence in the market and allow the housing market to function more normally, which would allow those currently trapped in their homes to be able to sell their homes and move on with their lives.

HS2 Action Alliance have proposed a property bond scheme which essentially would mean that the Government would be required to buy a property at the pre blight value from those who find themselves in the situation where HS2 is affecting the sale of their home. Whilst this would be the preference of many constituents, indications given by the Government are that they unlikely to support this particular scheme.

I have put forward an alternative suggestion which would mean that each property that was affected by HS2 would be eligible for a property bond which, on completion of the line and for one year after the operation of HS2, would entitle the then owner of the property to compensation or the Government to buy the property at the pre blight value, if it could be proved that the operational HS2 was negatively affecting the value.

During the interim period between now and when the line was operational, the existence of the bond guaranteeing the pre blight value (plus or minus house price movements in the intervening years) would enable the market to operate as normal enabling property to be bought, sold, remortgaged and equity realised. As an added incentive to the normal functioning of the market, I have suggested that properties with a property bond should be exempt from stamp duty. The already proposed compensation schemes of the compulsory purchase zone, advanced purchase zone and the long term hardship scheme should operate alongside the property bond.

The Government are going to reconsult on a compensation scheme and this will give the opportunity for the principle of a property bond to be considered again. Whilst I do want the very best compensation for my constituents I am concerned that if the HS2 Action Alliance property bond is not successful then there needs to be a workable alternative 'waiting in the wings', as I believe that any property bond is better than no property bond at all!

I have been told that my version of a property bond is not welcome by HS2AA and other action groups and I am, of course, perfectly willing to accept this. However, I would warn against all our eggs being placed in one basket. My opinion is that if the HS2AA bond is not adopted, then a bond of some kind which helped restore confidence in the market and help people trapped in their homes would be better than nothing. Your views on this would be very welcome.

Secondly, on the Paving Bill, some have asked which way I am going to vote. My honest answer is that I am still deliberating this point at the moment. Colleagues have been making the case that the Paving Bill will allow for compensation to be paid to constituents. Whilst the EHS will still exist after the Paving Bill, I have been told that the Paving Bill allows for the long term compensation schemes to be implemented. The EHS was only designed to be temporary.

Having said that, I want to make clear my opposition to the project, so for this reason I would consider voting against the Paving Bill. I will continue to discuss this matter with Colleagues and take into account the views of my constituents as I come to a decision. I will also make clear my reasons for my decision when I have made it.

This has been a rather epic catch up! I will do my best to send out an HS2 Newsletter on a more regular basis to keep you updated on progress. However, please do take a look at my website at www.andrealeadsom.com as I regularly post blogs and updates on there. There is a dedicated HS2 tab under 'Local Issues'.

This is a long campaign but I can assure you I will keep fighting for South Northamptonshire.

With best wishes


Download (, 0kb)

Meeting With Patrick McLoughlin (03 May 2013)

This week I met with the Secretary of State for Transport, Rt. Hon. Patrick McLoughlin MP to discuss HS2. Read my report of the meeting here.

Download (, 0kb)

HS2 Phase 2 Consultation (29 Apr 2013)

Today, I have responded to the consultation regarding the Exceptional Hardship Scheme for Phase 2 of the HS2 project.

I would also encourage as many as possible to reply to the consultation as well. The closing date has been extended to 5pm on 20 May 2013. Further information on responding to the consultation can be found here.

Also if you would like some assistance completing the consultation, you might like to visit the HS2 Action Alliance website by clicking here.

Download (pdf, 794kb)

HS2 Judicial Review Announcement (19 Mar 2013)

On Friday, we received the result of the Judicial Review, here is my report.

Download (, 0kb)

HS2 Meeting With The Prime Minister (15 Feb 2013)

Yesterday I was able to meet with the Prime Minister to discuss again my concerns over HS2. Read my report here.

Download (, 0kb)

Property and Compensation Consultation (08 Feb 2013)

Here is my response to the property and compensation consultation which closed last week.

Download (pdf, 1036kb)

Safeguarding Consultation Response (08 Feb 2013)

Here is my response to the Safeguarding Consultation which closed last week.

Download (pdf, 605kb)

Property and Compensation and Safeguarding Consultations (12 Nov 2012)

Two consultations into Property and Compensation and Safeguarding have finally been launched by the Department for Transport. I would urge as many of you as possible to respond to the consultation. You can do so here. The consultations run until the 31 January 2013.

You can read more about the consultations in the attached document.

Download (pdf, 384kb)

Letter From The Prime Minister (16 Oct 2012)

Recently I received the attached letter from the Prime Minister regarding the EHS and the compensation consultation.

Download (pdf, 199kb)

HS2 Compensation and Mitigation Forum - Fifth Meeting (02 Oct 2012)

Recently I chaired the fifth meeting of the Compensation and Mitigation Forum. Have a read of the report here.

Download (, 0kb)

HS2 Newsletter (17 Aug 2012)

For your information, I thought I would share with you the latest newsletter from HS2 Ltd and their new Chairman, Doug Oakervee CBE. I hope you will find some parts of it interesting. You can read the newsletter here.

Download (, 0kb)

HS2 Meeting With Conserve The Chilterns Campaign (23 Jul 2012)

Recently I chaired a meeting of MPs and the Conserve the Chilterns Campaign Group in Parliament. Read about the meeting here.

Download (, 0kb)

HS2 Compensation and Mitigation Forum - Transcript Of Fourth Meeting (16 Jul 2012)

Please feel free to read the transcript of the HS2 Compensation and Mitigation Forum with the Secretary of State for Transport, Rt. Hon. Justine Greening MP.

Download (pdf, 3569kb)

HS2 Compensation and Mitigation Forum - Fourth Meeting (11 Jul 2012)

The most improtant meeting so far of the HS2 Compensation and Mitigation Forum took place recently when we were joined by the Secretary of State for Transport, Rt. Hon. Justine Greening MP. Read my report of the meeting here.

Download (, 0kb)

Letter from The Cabinet Office (07 Jun 2012)

Please read this letter I've recieved from the Cabinet Office

Download (pdf, 327kb)

HS2 Compensation And Mitigation Forum Third Meeting (01 Jun 2012)

The third meeting of the HS2 Compensation and Mitigation Forum has taken place and you can read my report here.

Download (, 0kb)

HS2 Compensation and Mitigation Forum - Second Meeting (25 Apr 2012)

The second meeting of the HS2 Compensation and Mitigation Forum took place last week. You can read my report of it here

Download (, 0kb)

HS2 Public Meeting Report (17 Apr 2012)

Read my report from the recent public meeting in Brackley to discuss HS2 here.

Download (, 0kb)

Meeting of the HS2 Compensation and Mitigation Forum (23 Mar 2012)

The first meeting of the HS2 Compensation and Mitigation Forum took place in Parliament on Tuesday. You can read my full report here.

Download (, 0kb)

New Anti-HS2 Group Established (01 Feb 2012)

I have established a new anti HS2 group of MPs following the Secretary of State's announcement to go ahead with HS2. You can read about it here.

Download (, 0kb)

HS2 Announcement (10 Jan 2012)

The Government's announcement on HS2 was made today. Read about it here.

Download (, 0kb)

High Speed Rail - Ministerial Statement (10 Jan 2012)

Download (pdf, 41kb)

Letter to the Press Ahead of the HS2 Lobby Day (29 Nov 2011)

Read my letter, signed by many other MPs from all Parties and across the country, and business leader Archie Norman. The letter was released to the press and appeared in the Sunday Telegraph on 27 November.

Download (pdf, 246kb)

Pro HS2 Letter (05 Aug 2011)

I thought you may be interested in a letter I have received from pro HS2 MPs and my response.

Download (pdf, 246kb)

HS2 Consultation Final Submission (28 Jul 2011)

I have now submitted my response to the HS2 Consultation and you can read it here.

Download (pdf, 7347kb)

HS2 Article (20 Jul 2011)

MPs in Devon and Cornwall have begun voicing their concerns over HS2. Have a read of the very interesting article here.

Download (, 0kb)

IEA Launches New Report on HS2 (20 Jul 2011)

Read about the launch of the new report by the IEA that criticises the current plans for HS2 and have a glance at the IEA report

Download (pdf, 71kb)

Open Letter to Northamptonshire County Councillors (13 Jun 2011)

Download (pdf, 703kb)

HS2 Roadshow and the Battle Ahead! (08 Jun 2011)

The HS2 Roadshows are now complete in the South Northamptonshire area and I managed to call in on each one of them at Greatworth, Chipping Warden, Upper Boddington and Brackley. I was delighted that they were all well attended and I know that many of you asked tough questions of the engineers and HS2 staff that were running the roadshows.

I'm determined to make sure HS2 stays at the top of the agenda during the remainder of the consultation period, so I'm delighted to have received another deluge of letters from constituents concerned about HS2, and I encourage you all to continue to write to me and to respond to the consultation, which finishes on July 29.

Yesterday I went along to the Backbench Business Committee with Dan Byles MP (North Warwickshire) and Steve Baker MP (Wycombe) to beg for another debate in the Chamber to discuss HS2. We are all in agreement that this issue needs to remain high on the agenda whilst the consultation is open and the Transport Select Committee is about to begin their inquiry into the business case for HS2. The inquiry will begin this month but may not report until towards the end of September. I was delighted to have Steve's support for the application as he is on the Transport Select Committee and, being the MP for Wycombe, is not affected by HS2. His opposition is quite simply because he does not believe it is value for taxpayers money.

This brings me on to my key message to you all: this battle will be won or lost by convincing those people that are not affected that this is simply not value for money. I'm afraid that as soon as we argue that our beautiful countryside is being destroyed, people stop listening and accuse us of being NIMBYS!

Therefore I urge you to contact your friends and family around the country and make the point that this project is not value for money. Get them to contact their MPs and make them aware of the cost of HS2. HS2 will ultimately cost far more than our independent nuclear deterrent and almost 3 times as much as the Olympics! Each family in Britain will be paying £1,000 just for Phase One. Therefore whether you live in Cornwall, Wales or the Highlands of Scotland where HS2 will have no affect you will still be paying for it.

It is not good enough simply to point to the increased capacity provided by HS2. We must consider value for money, and seriously challenge the assumptions that underline this proposal. Taxpayers are entitled to receive good value for their money.

HS2 is a matter of national importance, it is the biggest infrastructure project of our time and the most costly. At the moment though, only about 100 of the 650 MPs would have formed an opinion on HS2. This needs to change and we need to start convincing the other 550 MPs and their constituents that HS2 is not the right project to improve our transport infrastructure.

Download (, 0kb)

High Speed Rail Debate (04 Apr 2011)

Read all about the very well attended High Speed Rail debate that I sponsored along with Dan Byles MP and Geoffrey Robinson MP

Download (pdf, 55kb)

Letter To Cheryl Gillan Regarding NIMBYS (23 Mar 2011)

Download (pdf, 366kb)

Letter From The Transport Select Committee (08 Mar 2011)

A letter from Louise Ellman MP, Chair of the Transport Select Committee announcing that the Committee are launching an inquiry into HS2.

Download (pdf, 134kb)

HS2 Consultation and Roadshow Dates Announced (01 Mar 2011)

Rt. Hon. Philip Hammond MP, Secretary of State for Transport has announced that the public consultation into the proposed High Speed Rail line is now open.

I encourage as many people as possible to have their say. You can take part in the consultation by clicking here, calling 020 7944 4908, emailing HS2enquiries@hs2.gsi.gov.uk or visiting central libraries along the line of route.

Please pass these details to anyone you think will be interested.

In addition, a number of roadshows have been announced where you will also be able to take part in the consultation, read evidence and material explaining the project and talk to engineers, environmentalists and representatives from the Department for Transport and HS2 Ltd. I am also hoping to get along to as many as I can to answer your questions and represent your views.

The dates of the roadshows in our area are:

Greatworth - 17 May 2011 - Greatworth Sports and Social Club Car Park, Helmdon Road, Banbury OX17 2DR

Chipping Warden - 24 May 2011 - Village Hall Car Park, Culworth Road, Chipping Warden, Banbury OX17 1LB

Upper Boddington - 25 May 2011 - Boddington Village Hall Car Park, Warwick Road, Upper Boddington NN11 6DH

Brackley - 27-28 May 2011 - Brackley Leisure Centre, Springfield Way, Brackley NN13 6JJ

Download (, 0kb)

Transport Select Committee Announces Inquiry Into HS2 (28 Feb 2011)

After writing to Louise Ellman MP, Chair of the Transport Select Committee along with other MPs such as Dan Byles (North Warwickshire) and Christopher Pincher (Tamworth), the Transport Select Committee have announced that they will hold an inquiry into the proposed High Speed Rail line:

Thank you for writing to Louise Ellman to press the case for the Transport Committee to inquire into the HS2 project. You will get a formal reply from Louise in due course but I thought you would be interested to know that the Transport Committee has decided to conduct an inquiry into the project. Terms of reference are currently being drawn up but the inquiry is likely to focus on the economic case for the project rather than the specification of the route. We will publish the terms of reference on our website next month.

Best wishes

Mark Egan

Clerk, Transport Committee

I'm sure you will agree this is positive news and I will let you know further details when I have them.

Download (, 0kb)

High Speed Rail Lobby Day (28 Oct 2010)

Read the report from the successful High Speed Rail lobby day.

Download (pdf, 58kb)

Lobby Day Slides (27 Oct 2010)

Slides from the High Speed Rail Lobby Day.

Download (pdf, 5270kb)

South Northamptonshire Council (28 Jul 2010)

A letter from Jean Morgan, Chief Exceutive of South Northamptonshire Council outlining the Council's opposition to HS2.

Download (doc, 40kb)

Philip Hammond's Statement (26 Jul 2010)

Statement from Philip Hammond regarding the EHS.

Download (pdf, 475kb)

EHS Launch (26 Jul 2010)

A letter from Philip Hammond announcing the launch of the EHS.

Download (pdf, 612kb)

High Speed 2 (24 Jun 2010)

A link to a letter from the Secretary of State to HS2 Ltd.

Download (pdf, 64kb)

Exceptional Hardship Scheme (21 Jun 2010)

A response to my letter regarding the Exceptional Hardship Scheme from Philip Hammond MP.

Download (pdf, 305kb)

Tony Baldry MP (10 Jun 2010)

Letter from Tony Baldry, MP for Banbury

Download (pdf, 247kb)

Roger Helmer MEP (01 Jun 2010)

Letter from Roger Helmer MEP outlining his position and what he is doing in opposition to the High Speed Rail project.

Download (pdf, 2166kb)

Exceptional Hardship Scheme (25 May 2010)

Letter from Philip Hammond MP, Secretary of State for Transport regarding the Exceptional Hardship Scheme.

Download (pdf, 305kb)

I want to update residents on my work so far to protect our beautiful environment, and to explain clearly what my position is on the latest changes to the route proposed by HS2 Ltd.

The Story So Far:

1. Since May 7 I have written and forwarded around 1000 letters to/from constituents and to/from Dept of Transport and HS2 Ltd. The subjects covered in these letters range from objections to High Speed Rail, challenges to the business and environmental case, opposition to the current proposed route and questions/concerns about both the Exceptional Hardship Scheme and statutory blight provisions. I encourage every resident to keep writing letters to the Secretary of State, copying me each time!

2. I have held numerous public meetings on High Speed Rail to update residents on the facts around the Coalition plans as they emerge. I helped to establish the South Northants Action Group (SNAG) to represent local residents.

3. I have met both formally and informally with Ministers at the Department for Transport numerous times to try and press the concerns of this constituency, and have submitted parliamentary questions on specific issues raised by constituents. All Ministers have been very willing to talk to me and are very aware of our concerns in regard to the project, the route and the compensation.

4. Philip Hammond MP, then Secretary of State for Transport attended a meeting in Brackley on Wednesday 22 September 2010. The meeting was attended by Tony Baldry, MP for Banbury whose constituency is also affected. Cllrs Mary Clarke and Ken Melling also attended, along with the Chairman of SNAG. Philip walked parts of the route with HS2 engineers and spoke to local press following the meeting. I held a public meeting afterwards at Brackley Town Hall to give an update to local campaigners on what took place at the meeting.

5. The strength of local feeling has persuaded HS2 Ltd to review their proposed route as it crosses through 3 constituencies - S Northants, Tamworth and Kenilworth and Southam. I was invited to meet with HS2 Ltd on September 8 to see their proposals, and sent out an email to my entire 'HS2 email distribution list' on that same day. If you would like to add your email address to this distribution list then please let me know at andrea.leadsom.mp@parliament.uk.

6. I have met with senior staff at Arup Ltd to review their proposal for an alternative High Speed Rail. This proposal in my opinion fits much more closely with our existing transport network and infrastructure and uses an existing travel corridor. I have asked both Philip Hammond and Theresa Villiers on many occasions if they will look at this alternative.

7. I took part in SNAG's 'Walk the Route' campaign with residents of Aston le Walls and Lower Boddington, and had the chance to talk at length with residents about how they can get their views heard.

8. I pressed very hard for the district and county councils to form a 'coordination' group with SNAG and myself to better represent the views of local people and to present a coherent strategy for fighting the proposals. This group now meets regularly to discuss HS2 related matters.

9. I arranged a 'National Lobby Day' in Westminster on October 25 2010 to enable Action Groups up and down the line to challenge High Speed Rail. The Secretary of State has agreed to attend, together with many affected MPs, members of the Transport Select Committee and representatives from HS2 Ltd.

10. I have asked many Written Parliamentary Questions and Oral Parliamentary Questions on this subject. Before Christmas I asked the Prime Minister if he would ensure that the consultation was fair, open and wide ranging.

11. I attended the 'Stop HS2' convention at Stoneleigh Abbey in Warwickshire, listened to a number of speakers and spoke with many campaigners.

12. I have spoke in many debates regarding transport infrastructure and raised the question of high speed rail at every available opportunity.

13. On Thursday 31 April I secured a debate specifically on HS2 in Westminster Hall which was extremely well attended by many MPs. I feel this is the time to be talking about HS2, now that the consultation period is open and the roadshows are underway.

As you would expect I am in constant and regular contact with local press, local Councils and with the South Northamptonshire Action Group on the subject of HS2.

Further Information:




(Pictures show Andrea addressing attendees of the High Speed Rail Lobby Day and Andrea showing support for demonstrators at the Conservative Party Conference)

Exceptional Hardship Scheme Acceptences and Rejections (17 Jul 2012)

Download (pdf, 146kb)

Additional Expenditure Allocated to the Department for Transport to Buy Property Along the HS2 Line (17 Jul 2012)

Download (pdf, 156kb)

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