One of my biggest passions is giving every baby the best possible start in life, and setting the foundation for a secure attachment between parent and child.

With nine years’ experience as the chair of OXPIP, a charity tackling some of society's most challenging issues by helping parents and their babies to form strong and loving relationships, I know that early experiences and damaged relationships can have lifelong consequences.

OXPIP’s clinical team are specialists in parent-infant work, and focus on the relationship between parent and baby, observing the interaction to encourage the development of a strong and loving attachment. Parents get in touch for a variety of reasons which may include post natal depression, a baby that struggles to sleep or feed, anxieties about parenthood or a difficult birth experience. There may also be issues from the parent's past or from the transition to parenthood which affects the relationships now they are parents themselves.

Therefore, I was delighted last month to formally incorporate Northamptonshire Parent Infant Project (or NorPIP for short) with Companies House, using OXPIP as a model for providing psychotherapeutic services for parents and infants in Northants. NorPIP will begin to deliver services later this year.

This is a really exciting opportunity to build upon the excellent work done by the team at OXPIP over the years and to begin to expand provision across the country.