Costing of Pre-Election Policy Proposals

I was pleased that the Treasury Select Committee had the opportunity earlier today to question Robert Chote, Chairman of the Office for Budget Responsibility, about the capacity for the OBR to fully cost pre-election policy proposals from the main parties.

I fully appreciate Mr Chote’s position that whilst it would be technically possible for the OBR to get the necessary preparations in place ahead of the 2015 general election, it is much better to have as lengthy a lead time as possible in order to bring everything together. Indeed, I welcomed his agreement that bringing this forward so close to an election – with all the requirements for primary legislation, hiring of staff, establishment of processes, and so on – would be unwise.

I am grateful to Mr Chote for speaking to our Committee, and I look forward to seeing further details on this proposal in due course.

You can read the transcript of the TSC hearing here, and my questions are on pages 6 and 7. You can also watch me questioning Mr Chote below.