Visit to Wytch Farm Oil Field

Amazing visit to the Wytch Farm oil field in Dorset earlier today to see operations at the largest onshore oil field in Europe.

Formed from three separate reservoirs, including the Bridport and Sherwood Jurassic sandstone oil reservoirs and the Frome clay/limestone oil reservoir, there are around 40 million barrels of oil remaining in the conventional reserves since extraction began in 1979.

Operators Perenco were granted permission two years ago by Dorset County Council to extend the field life of Wytch Farm from 2016 to 2037, provided that the surrounding environment is fully restored. The permission prohibited against fracking wells for shale gas at the field which is located in one of the most environmentally sensitive areas of the UK.

Great to see how the industry is working closely with local government to ensure environmental protections whilst also delivering on protecting our energy security through enhancing the domestic supply.

20151111 Leadsom at Wytch Farm [01].jpg