Visit to Sizewell B

I was very impressed with the operations at Sizewell B when I visited yesterday!

On a fact-finding mission to see how EDF Energy works to produce cheap, safe, reliable and low-carbon energy for millions of people in the UK, I had the opportunity to speak with Director of Strategy & Corporate Affairs Paul Spence about ongoing operations at Sizewell B, as well as to discuss plans for Sizewell C with Jim Crawford who is the Project Development Director.

20160217 Leadsom at Sizewell B [03].jpg

Sizewell B is the UK’s only Pressurised Water Reactor, and came online in 1995. The turbine halls are seriously impressive, and can supply 1198 MW to the National Grid; approximately 520 full time EDF Energy employees are engaged at the site as well as over 250 full time contract partners.

20160217 Leadsom at Sizewell B [01].jpg

The nuclear reactor generates low-carbon electricity for over 2 million homes, which avoids around 3m tonnes of carbon dioxide being pumped into the atmosphere; this is the equivalent of taking 1.3m cars off our roads for a year.

20160217 Leadsom at Sizewell B [05].jpg

I was also really pleased to have the opportunity to speak to a number of EDF apprentices, and hear directly about how they are learning to keep the lights on for all of us. EDF offers a number of exciting programmes including their Engineering Maintenance Apprenticeship, Quantity Surveyor Degree Apprenticeship, Nuclear Engineer Degree Apprenticeship, NDT Engineer Apprenticeship, Project Controls Apprenticeship and Civil Engineering Apprenticeship.

20160217 Leadsom at Sizewell B with Apprentices [04].jpg