PINS Examination of Northampton Gateway

The Planning Inspectorate has recently published its examination timetable, known as the Rule 8 letter, for consideration of Roxhill’s Northampton Gateway proposal.

I know that many residents are grateful to PINS for the considered approach they have taken with Roxhill’s application so far. As part of the Rule 8 letter that has been issued, PINS have compiled a total of 270 written questions (across 84 pages) that they require Roxhill is answer comprehensively before the deadline on Tuesday 6th November for further submissions. These questions are wide-ranging, and take into account issues relating to the application from Roxhill and concerns that have been raised in the representations PINS have received so far.

However, I am also aware that some constituents, due to work commitments, are unable to make any of the timetabled Open Floor Hearings or Issue Specific Hearings that are set out in the timetable. I am similarly affected, and I have written as a matter of urgency to the Chief Executive of the Planning Inspectorate to ask for a reconsideration of the timetable to allow me and other affected persons to attend. You can read a copy of that letter here.