Brackley Out of Hours Healthcare

I have been contacted by several constituents raising concerns about access for Brackley residents to out of hours healthcare provision at the Horton.

This was an issue that came to my attention in late 2017, and I spent several months working to find a solution. With agreement from NHS Nene Clinical Commissioning Group, an assurance was given in March by their Chief Executive that people ringing 111 from Brackley and the surrounding area would be given the option to go to the Horton or to Daventry. However, I have now been made aware that this has changed in recent weeks with people being told that the Horton does not treat patients from Brackley.

My office has spoken to Julie Lemmy, Deputy Director of Primary Care at Nene CCG, last week; Julie has confirmed that residents in Brackley should still be able to go to the Horton, and she is looking into this as a matter of urgency. I have also written to the Director of Contracting & Delivery at Nene CCG, Kathryn Moody, as well as the Chief Executive of Oxfordshire CCG, Lou Patten, as the Horton falls within Lou’s purview.

I shall update again as soon as I hear anything further, but please do not hesitate to contact me, or Cllr Fiona Baker who has taken a lead on this locally, with any concerns.