Brexit Update

We are now just a few months short of our exit date from the EU, and so I hope the coming recess will give colleagues in Parliament the time they need to consider the deal the Prime Minister has negotiated with the EU.

As a passionate Brexiteer I understand that this has been a compromise for us, and that many of us who voted Leave have had to think hard about whether we can support it.

Last month, I wrote first and foremost to constituents to outline why I felt I could support this deal. As I said in my letter, I am determined that although some seek to frustrate the process, we will be leaving the EU on the 29th March 2019 as planned. Any change to this would be a betrayal of how the people voted in June 2016, and I will not stand by to watch that happen.

As we get closer to March, I feel more certain of the reasons I chose to support the Prime Minister, particularly now she has gone back to the EU to ask for stronger reassurances on the backstop. She is absolutely right to do so and I know just how determined she is to deliver Brexit. Whilst the UK will manage in a no deal outcome, I am hopeful we can leave with this deal, which does deliver on the key elements of what 17.4 million people voted for.