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Parish Council makes funds available for King's Sutton

NewsAndrea Leadsom
Parish Council makes funds available for King's Sutton

It's great news that King's Sutton Parish Council have made £25,000 available for projects to improve leisure, recreational and open space facilities in the village. This is the second round of funding for projects in King's Sutton following the money contributed last year by Banner Homes, and offers a real opportunity for residents to improve their local community.

One of the commitments I made to constituents on May 7th last year was that I would work to improve sports and leisure facilities across South Northamptonshire. I am launching a consultation with young people aged 21 and under to ask for their views on how they would improve their local area, and it is very encouraging that King's Sutton Parish Council are leading the way.

Expressions of interest, complete with rough estimates of the amount of money needed, must be received by the Parish Clerk no later than April 30, 2016.

Proposed projects must meet the criteria below to be considered. They must:

  • Fall within the terms of the Banner agreement, which requires that they "improve recreational facilities within the village of King's Sutton";
  • Involve capital expenditure, not simply contribute to running costs;
  • Provide long term future benefits;
  • Improve existing recreational facilities or add new ones;
  • Be of benefit to as wide a section of the community as possible;

To find out more, please visit the Parish Council website here.